I am: a public interest law student at Boston University School of Law (class of 2014). an AmeriCorps VISTA alum. tall (really, really tall). a former volunteer at LIFT Boston. a Missouri School of Journalism alum.

I can: tap dance. use the Adobe suite. kayak. speak Spanish. produce awesome multimedia journalism. regress x on y. play piano. rock a Scrabble game. quote an embarrassing number of This American Life episodes. 

I love: improv. reading. beaches, music. cities. adventure, comedy. news. family and friends. journalism. tofu. NPR. technology. helping. statistics. learning. research. Harry Potter. questions. stories. theatre. chocolate.

I think: truth is generally preferable to lies. skepticism is important. hope is the belief that things can get better; optimism is the belief that things will get better. people are generally good. luck is really, really helpful.  everyone should take a risk now and again.