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Little sisters enjoying a post-pie nap. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours.

  • 8-year-old sister: What are all those names behind the Thomas Jefferson statute?
  • Me: Uh, those are all the names of all the slaves he's owned.
  • Sister: WHAT?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Sister: But he didn't really own slaves, right?
  • Me: Yes he did.
  • Sister: But just pretending, right?
  • Me: Nope.
  • Sister: But how come somebody who owned slaves got to be President?
  • Me: Other people owned slaves too, and they voted for him.
  • Sister: How come the slaves didn't vote against me?
  • Me: Well, they couldn't vote.
  • Sister: They had to work without money AND THEY COULDN'T VOTE?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Sister: WAY UNFAIR.
Photo Set

Went over to my parents’ house for Father’s Day today, and we had every intention of going somewhere/doing something for Father’s Day. Instead, we went to to the grocery store, came home, started throwing/bumping/kicking my youngest sister’s Winnie the Pooh ball around… all afternoon.

Ah well. We had fun. Mom played photographer.

Little sister is celebrating her first election (she’s 18) with a summer job with the Warren Campaign. So proud of her! (She’s the tall one in the green shirt.)

Little sister is celebrating her first election (she’s 18) with a summer job with the Warren Campaign. So proud of her! (She’s the tall one in the green shirt.)


"But I actually don’t think Harry’s very smart. He is a good friend, nice boy, but I don’t get why he doesn’t just put on his invisibility cloak, sneak up behind Voldemort, and knock him out with his firebolt! None of his other plans have ever worked, so probably he should try that."

- 8 year old sister
  • Sister: GUESS WHAT. I went professional clothes shopping today!
  • Me: Uh, I'm not sure you'll need -
  • Sister: I got graduation money!
  • Me: Right.
  • Sister: Only thing is, I accidentally got a blue dress.
  • Me: Huh?
  • Sister: You know, I got a blue dress. For my internship.
  • Me: Right...
  • Sister: Blue dresses and internships don't go well together.
  • Me: Why not?
  • Sister: Uh, i'm sure it'll come to you. *cue giggling*
  • Mom: *starts crying*
  • Me: Mom, she's just going to be like a 30 minute subway ride away.
  • Mom: I know, but she'll be so busy!
  • Me: Yeah, but it's not like I when I was three hour plane ride away. It won't be that bad.
  • Little Sister: Awww, I'm going to miss you too, Mom. I always suspected you loved me more than Liz.
  • Mom: I just can't believe my little AlliMac is moving out!
  • Little Sister: A subway ride away.
  • Mom: Dad and I are going to really miss you, is all, honey.
  • Little Sister: I can be a total bitch from now till August, if that would help.

Folks, my baby sister is graduating from high school in about two weeks. Last time I checked, she was about 10. What happened?

  • 8 year old sister: Lizzie, does Father Quan live in the church?
  • Me: No, he lives in the rectory. It's the building there.
  • Sister: That's not very big.
  • Me: Well, it's only the two priests.
  • Sister: But where do their wives and children live?
  • Me: Oh, well, priests are considered married to the church. So they aren't allowed to get married.
  • Sister: WHAT?
  • Me: Yep.
  • Sister: When I'm a priest, I'm going to change it.
  • Me: Ah, actually, honey, well, only boys are allowed to be priests.
  • Sister: WHAT?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Sister: WHY?
  • Me: I'm not sure.
  • Sister: That is SO UNFAIR.
  • Me: Yep.
  • Sister: Fine. Then when I grow up I am going to be the Martin Luther King Jr. for girls so there's nothing girls can't do because otherwise it's not fair.

"I am pretty sure any time somebody in Hollywood needed an ethnic guy of any origin in the 50s the whole boardroom went, “SOMEBODY GET YUL BRYNNER ON THE LINE.”"

- 18 year old sister, during the family viewing of Ten Commandments post-Easter prep (two atheists, an agnostic, and a pretend Catholic. It’s a good time.)