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I am taking a break from appellate brief to express my annoyance with this "kids today" logic.

In the linked story above, Woodward and Bernstein worry that the tech-savvy generation could never uncover a Watergate like scandal.

I’m sorry, guys, but come ON, enough with this nonsense. These web-savvy kids are doing investigative journalism all over the place. How about the AP’s series about NYPD intelligence efforts post-9/11? Reuters’s story about this weird mini-Cayman Islands in the U.S.? Las Vegas Review-Journal’s package about police shootings? NYT’s story about Japan withholding information about nuclear risk in the wake of the earthquake? Rolling Stone’s work about where the money to Haiti went and how the world failed? Basically all of ProPublica?

Look, old guard, what you did was phenomenal. Now it’s our turn.


Every morning I pass a Planned Parenthood on my walk to school. There are the same three protestors there every single morning, rain or shine, cold or hot, and they have been there every morning at least since September. And every morning, we have the following conversation:

Protestor: Will you be a voice for the unborn?

Me: Good morning.

Protestor: Love does not kill life.

Me: Have a good day!

Every. Single. Day. Do they not recognize me or something? What do they think, that after like seven solid months of this conversation I’m going go, “Oh! A voice for the unborn! What a great idea! Sure thing! Sign me up!”

It’s getting old is all.



Ad Week

This guy is awesome.

One day, though, it would be really super great if there would be more than 5 women on these lists. 

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Presented without comment.

For Christ’s sake, people. There are plenty of reasons to think Libyan intervention is a terrible idea. Concern about Obama’s alleged desire to convert the world to sharia law is just not even in the top fifty. Probably not even the top fifty thousand.

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  • Phil: So what is Rick Santorum doing to prepare for the debate?
  • Rick: Candidly? Nothing.
  • Phil: Mock rehearsal?
  • Rick: I've never done one in my entire political career.
  • Phil: Dreaming up new zingers?
  • Rick: I try not to script at all.
  • Phil: Huddling with consultants and aides?
  • Rick: I don’t have consultants. ... I travel by myself. I like it that way. I’m not afraid of reporters. I should be, but I’m not.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Reason #298234 Rick Santorum will never be President of the United States.
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