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"While Foucault might argue that Renaissance perspective never managed to fully disentangle itself from the significatory system of the preclassical episteme where the relation between observer and observed was set within a framework “coeval with the institution of God” (The Order of Things 34), Descartes’s own meditations on rationality and substance in the seventeenth century to which the classical episteme is indebted were part of an excursus on divine existence as well."

- A typical sentence from my Critical Race Theory reading this week, from Robyn Wiegman’s American Anatomies. It is times like these I realize what I missed by basically skipping a liberal arts undergrad education. Been awhile since my reaction to every other sentence in a reading has been a “WHAT?” of confusion rather than anger/annoyance. 

Today opposing counsel 1 said to opposing counsel 2 that I should “take a long walk off a short pier.”

While I was standing about two feet behind opposing counsel 1.

Never have I been more certain I am doing a good job.


"A custodial interrogation occurs when individual is in government custody while being interrogated."

- First Circuit

On the bright side, after my last exam Friday, our 1L section had a crazy/fun/great afternoon and evening, plus delicious homemade brunch Saturday, followed by beach time, relaxing, etc.. Today was the first Mother’s Day in four years I’ve been able to be in the same state as my mom, and that was really wonderful.

On the less than bright side, this is the worst 272-page buzzkill ever.


Crimlaw exam tomorrow, i.e. last exam of 1L year! No worries - I’ve got this one, you guys. Just going to watch this over and over again. Should do it.


On the bright side, after making this chart, I will completely rock all homicide questions on my crimlaw exam. On the less-than-bright side, evidently there are other things on the exam. Who knew?



It really has been my absolute pleasure teaching you. I am here for you as you go through law school. I mean that - I have become very fond of you all.

But don’t think you’re special, this happens every year.


- Crim prof, ending our review session/last class.
Photo Set

1L word clouds (from my outlines).

In case you can’t tell, from left to right, top to bottom: torts, contracts, civpro, property, crimlaw, legislation, and last but certainly not least, conlaw.

Two left, and I’m done. Been quite a year, I tell you what.


"You work for Albus Dumbledore, esq., who will be prosecuting Voldemort in the following case."

- First sentence of my crimlaw prof’s practice exam. I love this woman.


Law school. This is how we do it. ;)

Wowza. Impressive.

Just in case anyone prospective students are reading through the law school tag, know that this is definitely not what every law student’s notes look like. Mine are much more along the lines of, “Good point!” or “SCALIA YOU MORON,” with a few asterisks, stars, and underlining thrown in. 

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