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Emily Bazelon and Stephen Colbert make Solicitor General Verrilli’s argument for him re: the Broccoli Debacle of 2012 and quash Scalia’s problem in about two minutes. Also see Slate’s very good What Verrilli Should Have Said (also another what-he-should-have-said at TNR, a reminder of why striking down ObamaCare would be totally crazy-town, Dahlia Lithwick’s reminder of the actual human pain at stake (liberty helps the rich more than the poor, and equality helps primarily only the poor). This SCOTUS debacle and Trayvon Martin have basically engulfed my law school over the past few weeks. Not a particularly cheerful place at the moment, admittedly, but it does make really glad I picked BU.


Oh the irony.

Plaintiffs firms really need to check their lead plaintiffs out better. I mean my goodness.