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"But I actually don’t think Harry’s very smart. He is a good friend, nice boy, but I don’t get why he doesn’t just put on his invisibility cloak, sneak up behind Voldemort, and knock him out with his firebolt! None of his other plans have ever worked, so probably he should try that."

- 8 year old sister

scndhanddreams replied to your link: JK Rowling’s New Book Comes Out Sept. 27!

YES. thank god it’s not more potter. i love it with an unholy love, but if it’s going to be more a la the epilogue, noooo thank you.

Oh, I pretend the epilogue to Deathly Hallows never happened. I considered actually cutting it out of the book, but I thought that might be a bit much. 


JK Rowling's New Book Comes Out Sept. 27!

And it’s called The Casual Vacancy and I am SO EXCITED.


I should explain, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Like, worked-for-a-fansite-from-2004-till-2007 Potter fan. So when I read this I tried to do the whole, “Rowling just wrote a really compelling story with great characters, but there’s no reason to think this book will be particularly phenomenal - Potter is just sui generis.”

That lasted about thirty seconds. Not that I am expecting anything close to Potter; I’m just expecting a good story with good characters.

Also, I am so glad she’s not writing more Potter. Not that I didn’t love the books, but you know, all good things must come to an end.


You guys, J.K. Rowling is releasing a new novel for adults!

And… that’s all we know about it. I’m surprised she’s not writing under a pseudonym. 


Eight year old little sister just off-handedly guessed that Voldemort wouldn’t be able to kill Harry because he took Harry’s blood, and also that Harry could speak to snakes because there was a bit of Voldemort inside of him, and Voldemort can speak to snakes.

She’s a chapter and a half into the fifth book, and just figured out the ending.

Damn it. Stupid kids. i had to guess at that FOR YEARS. I’m still sort of annoyed my parents gave in and didn’t make her wait three years between books four and five like the rest of us had to do.