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Little sisters enjoying a post-pie nap. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours.


My parents have a rule: don’t talk about Hillary Clinton. 

They have been happily married for 25 years, obviously love each other, mock each other, make each other laugh, generally agree on politics, and occasionally screech at each other.

But they don’t talk about Hillary Clinton. 

This is because my mom thinks she is awesome, my dad thinks she is terrible, my mom thinks my dad thinks that because he’s sexist, and my dad is mad at my mom for thinking he’s sexist. So they just don’t talk about her. 

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So, for my birthday, I asked my parents for new running shoes. When they asked if I wanted any particular kind, I said: “Not the boring kind.”

Famous last words.

Photo Set

Went over to my parents’ house for Father’s Day today, and we had every intention of going somewhere/doing something for Father’s Day. Instead, we went to to the grocery store, came home, started throwing/bumping/kicking my youngest sister’s Winnie the Pooh ball around… all afternoon.

Ah well. We had fun. Mom played photographer.

Little sister is celebrating her first election (she’s 18) with a summer job with the Warren Campaign. So proud of her! (She’s the tall one in the green shirt.)

Little sister is celebrating her first election (she’s 18) with a summer job with the Warren Campaign. So proud of her! (She’s the tall one in the green shirt.)


"But I actually don’t think Harry’s very smart. He is a good friend, nice boy, but I don’t get why he doesn’t just put on his invisibility cloak, sneak up behind Voldemort, and knock him out with his firebolt! None of his other plans have ever worked, so probably he should try that."

- 8 year old sister
Photo Set

This has been one of the most insanely busy weeks of my life in quite some time. From left-to-right:

First, I finished my first year of law school (!!!). Finishing our last final did not have quite the euphoria I expected it to, because when you finish your last exam they then hand you 272 pages of caselaw to read for a writing competition. Thankfully, I finished that Friday, This is at our hurray-we’re-done lunch, after several drinks, and if you’re looking at my user pic and confused, I’m behind the camera, not in this picture.

Second, it was my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary! I had a smaller version of their wedding cake made, got champagne with the same label they had at their wedding, had some of their friends over, our family, etc., and surprised them.  My dad was surprised, but my mom, whom it is impossible to surprise, was not, but appreciated it nonetheless, I think.

Third, my younger sister graduated from high school. She goes to a Catholic all-girls school, and rather than caps and gowns, they wear white dresses (you have to click the pic to see the dress). When they get their diplomas, they also get yellow roses, and then rather than throwing their caps in the air, they throw their yellow roses in the air. Frankly, I think she got jipped without the cap and gown, but she loved loved loved this school, so that’s something, I suppose. Graduation was particularly fantastic because, if I may do a big-sister-brag, she won an award! At graduation they give out two awards: valedictorian and the St. Julie Award, where the St. Julie award is given to the senior who most exemplifies the school’s mission - learning, servant-leadership, service, generosity, determination, etc. Students are nominated by their peers and then the faculty vote. Anyway, the principal started saying, “This young woman was such an obvious choice - ” and going on about how fantastic this award-ee is, while I thought it sure sounded like my little sister, as her big sister, I am hardwired to think she’s the best thing since sliced bread. But sure enough, SHE WON. I could not be prouder.

Anyway, so I’ve been away from the internet for the past week. Thanks to all that stuff. But I am BACK, Internet, so never fear. Hope you kept it warm for me.

  • Mom: *starts crying*
  • Me: Mom, she's just going to be like a 30 minute subway ride away.
  • Mom: I know, but she'll be so busy!
  • Me: Yeah, but it's not like I when I was three hour plane ride away. It won't be that bad.
  • Little Sister: Awww, I'm going to miss you too, Mom. I always suspected you loved me more than Liz.
  • Mom: I just can't believe my little AlliMac is moving out!
  • Little Sister: A subway ride away.
  • Mom: Dad and I are going to really miss you, is all, honey.
  • Little Sister: I can be a total bitch from now till August, if that would help.

Folks, my baby sister is graduating from high school in about two weeks. Last time I checked, she was about 10. What happened?


"Don’t be ridiculous, Elizabeth. I would never be president. I would only be dictator."

- My dad, when I told him for possibly the eight gabillionth time he should run for, uh, city council. Not quite POTUS, but whatever. (I have also told my mom to run nine gabillion times, for the record. She has a classier way of declining.)