Pre-law school, I worked at a nonprofit supporting foreign-born victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. The Violence Against Women Act *literally* saves the lives of abuse survivors and their children. People would have died without the visa and financial support VAWA provides. Every person in the U.S. deserves this protection. 

If Americans can do anything at all, surely we can agree that people who escape abuse, and the children they escape with, should be protected, helped, and supported as they work their trauma to begin their lives anew. 

HR 4970, the House version of VAWA rolls back protections for immigrant victims, LGBT victims, Native American victims, and decreases funding to untenable levels. 

I know people think calling their reps doesn’t matter. But it does. The Senate originally had a bill up similar to the House’s, and ended up passing a much better (though still not great) version, thanks in large part to enormous pressure from civil rights groups and constituent contacts. And anyway, it’s not like it takes that long to call your rep. 

Just take five minutes. Google your rep’s name, call him/her, and tell them to vote NO on HR 4970.

And thanks.