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"A Boy Who Was Like A Flower"

If you haven’t read this already, go read it. Now.


"Some suffering cannot be covered in words. This had become my daily fare as reporter in the Middle East documenting war, its survivors and fatalities, and the many who seem a little of both. In the Lebanese town of Qana, where Israeli bombs caught their victims in the midst of a morning’s work, we saw the dead standing, sitting, looking around. The village, its voices and stories, plates and bowls, letters and words, its history, had been obliterated in a few extended moments that splintered a quiet morning."


- Anthony Shadid, a foreign correspondent for the New York Times. Anthony was an amazing reporter, brave in his empathy with all sides and peoples. He died in Syria from an asthma attack brought on by their guides’ horses, and a colleague was able to get his body into Turkey, as they were in Syria against the order of the Syrian government. He had been shot in the West Bank, harassed by pro-Mubarak police in Egypt, tortured and captured in Libya, and it was an asthma attack that killed him.

Life is fragile.