JK Rowling's New Book Comes Out Sept. 27!

And it’s called The Casual Vacancy and I am SO EXCITED.


I should explain, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Like, worked-for-a-fansite-from-2004-till-2007¬†Potter fan. So when I read this I tried to do the whole, “Rowling just wrote a really compelling story with great characters, but there’s no reason to think this book will be particularly phenomenal - Potter is just sui generis.”

That lasted about thirty seconds. Not that I am expecting anything close to Potter; I’m just expecting a good story with good characters.

Also, I am so glad she’s not writing more Potter. Not that I didn’t love the books, but you know, all good things must come to an end.

  1. assumingarguendo said: YES. thank god it’s not more potter. i love it with an unholy love, but if it’s going to be more a la the epilogue, noooo thank you.
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