I am taking a break from appellate brief to express my annoyance with this "kids today" logic.

In the linked story above, Woodward and Bernstein worry that the tech-savvy generation could never uncover a Watergate like scandal.

I’m sorry, guys, but come ON, enough with this nonsense. These web-savvy kids are doing investigative journalism all over the place. How about the AP’s series about NYPD intelligence efforts post-9/11? Reuters’s story about this weird mini-Cayman Islands in the U.S.? Las Vegas Review-Journal’s package about police shootings? NYT’s story about Japan withholding information about nuclear risk in the wake of the earthquake? Rolling Stone’s work about where the money to Haiti went and how the world failed? Basically all of ProPublica?

Look, old guard, what you did was phenomenal. Now it’s our turn.

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